General Information:-
Title: Risen 3: Titan Lords Complete-CorePack | Year: 2015 | Genre: Action | Developer: Piranha Bytes | Publisher: Deep Silver/Koch Media | Crack: PROPHET | Size: 4352MB

Risen 3: Titan Lords is the third edition of the popular series of CRPG-s. The game has developed a German studio Piranha Bytes, a team responsible for the previous two parts and three parts maintained in a similar spirit, the Gothic series.

The action is set in a fantasy, full of magic land, which is a model of the European Middle Ages, but it was also inspired by the tropical regions and the Mediterranean culture (in the game appears traditional magic known from the first part of the series and the voodoo pirate theme known from the second part). The player portrays a new hero – a son of Steelbeard Captain and his brother –Patty – the characters known from the previous versions. However, at the beginning of the campaign, the soul of Patty was devoured by the Lord of Shadows. While playing, the players can increase the humanity of characters or push them into a demonic path. What is more, during the game, the players visit both the world of the living and the kingdom of the dead and the participant can use Astral vision, which can highlight the essential elements of the environment.

Repack Features:-
-Installation time ~ 10 Min. (its about computer speed)
-Ripped/Removed: Nothing
-Videos Quality: Intro @ HD 720p
-Audios Quality: Untouched
-Textures Quality: Untouched
-Languages: English

Install Notes:-
1) Mount or burn ISO
2) Install The Game Using Setup.exe
3) Run The Game From Desktop
4) Play!



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